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"Touch Me in Morocco" is a mesmerizing piece of art that beautifully combines various elements to create a sensory experience that transports viewers to the enchanting world of Morocco. The artwork is meticulously crafted using a unique combination of materials, including rice paper, Moroccan kilim, handmade papers, acrylic metallic paints, and ink.


The choice of rice paper adds a delicate and ethereal quality to the artwork. Its light and translucent nature create a sense of movement and fluidity, as if the composition is in constant motion. The use of Moroccan kilim, a traditional woven textile, adds a rich and cultural dimension to the piece, infusing it with the vibrant colors and intricate patterns that are characteristic of Moroccan art and design.


The incorporation of handmade papers further enhances the texture and visual interest of the artwork. The organic and irregular qualities of the paper create an interplay between softness and strength, adding depth and dimension to the composition. The various textures and layers evoke a sense of tactile exploration, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the artwork.


The application of acrylic metallic paints brings a touch of opulence and glamour to the piece. The metallic sheen adds a captivating shimmer and luminosity, catching the light and enhancing the overall visual impact. The colors chosen reflect the warm and vibrant tones often associated with Moroccan landscapes, architecture, and culture, creating a harmonious palette that draws viewers deeper into the artwork.


Ink is used to add detail and intricacy to the composition. Its fluidity allows for the creation of intricate lines, patterns, and forms, adding a sense of refinement and precision to the artwork. The contrast between the bold strokes and delicate markings adds a dynamic quality, further engaging the viewer's eye and encouraging exploration within the piece.


"Touch Me in Morocco" is a captivating fusion of materials, colors, and textures that captures the essence of Morocco's rich cultural heritage and exotic allure. It invites viewers to embark on a sensory journey, where they can immerse themselves in the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and tactile qualities of the artwork. Through its unique combination of elements, this piece transcends traditional boundaries and becomes a gateway to a world filled with beauty, mystery, and endless inspiration.

Touch Me in Morocco

  • W: 72" H: 48"

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