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"Only 6 He Was…Twin canvas" is a unique painting that features a pair of canvases, each with its own distinctive design. The canvases are made using a variety of mixed media including acrylic paper towels, oil crayon, foil, and ink pen.


The abstract design of the painting is a beautiful blend of bold, contrasting colors and textures. The acrylic paper towels create a rich, textured background that contrasts with the smooth, flowing lines created by the oil crayon and ink pen. The use of foil adds a striking metallic element to the painting, reflecting light in a way that draws the viewer's eye.


The painting's title, "Only 6 He Was," adds a mysterious and intriguing element to the piece. The meaning behind the title is left up to the interpretation of the viewer, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the artwork.


Overall, "Only 6 He Was…Twin canvas" is a stunning piece of art that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of anyone who sees it.

Only 6 He Was… Twin canvas

  • TWO PIECES - W: 21" H: 27"

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