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"MY KID DID A DRAWING" – a mixed media masterpiece that captures the essence of childhood wonder and artistic exploration. This wall art piece is a celebration of creativity, meticulously crafted using an array of unconventional materials.


Created with a blend of paper towels, cold wax, oil paint, acrylic paint, metallic foil, metallic paper, pencil, and oil pastel, "MY KID DID A DRAWING" is a blend of textures and colors that invites viewers on a journey of discovery. 


Hang this enchanting piece in any space to infuse it with a sense of joy and wonder. Whether displayed in a cozy corner of your home or as a focal point in a gallery setting, "MY KID DID A DRAWING" is sure to spark conversation and inspire admiration.


My Kid Did a Drawing

  • W: 21" H: 28"

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