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"Cosmic Explosion" is an awe-inspiring artwork that I created using a combination of rice paper, acrylic paint, glitter, foil, and earthy tones. This piece is a visual representation of a cosmic event bursting with energy and vitality.


The background, crafted on rice paper, showcases a rich palette of earthy colors. Deep browns, warm ochres, and muted greens blend seamlessly, evoking a sense of grounding and organic beauty. These earthy hues create a serene backdrop against which the cosmic explosion unfolds.


Acrylic paint is skillfully applied to create the central focal point of the artwork. Swirling strokes of vibrant colors burst forth, representing the explosion of cosmic energy. 

Glitter and foil are delicately scattered throughout the composition, catching the light and adding a touch of celestial magic. They twinkle and shimmer, reminiscent of distant stars and galaxies, infusing the artwork with a sense of cosmic wonder.

Handmade papers, carefully chosen and incorporated, bring a tactile and textural dimension to the piece. These papers, with their natural fibers and intricate patterns, represent the fragments of cosmic matter suspended in space. They create a juxtaposition between the ethereal and the earthly, connecting the viewer to both the vastness of the universe and the tangible world.


"Cosmic Explosion" invites viewers to immerse themselves in the wonders of the cosmos. It is a celebration of the beauty and power found in the natural world, as well as the mysteries that lie beyond. Through the interplay of earthy colors, acrylic paint, glitter, foil, and hand-made papers, this artwork captures the essence of a cosmic explosion, igniting the imagination and inspiring a sense of awe.

Cosmic Explosion

  • W: 41" H: 32"

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