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"Ate at Italian Last Night" is a captivating piece of art that I have created using unconventional materials such as paper towels, foil, and oil crayon.


The foundation of the artwork is composed of layers of paper towels, creating a textured and tactile surface. The absorbent nature of the paper towels adds an interesting element to the piece, capturing the essence of everyday materials in an unexpected context.


Intertwined within the composition, the use of foil adds a reflective and dynamic quality to the artwork. Its inclusion creates a visual interplay between the familiar and the abstract, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own experiences.


Oil crayons are skillfully employed to create intricate and expressive marks on the paper towels and foil. The vibrant colors of the oil crayons evoke the sensory experiences associated with dining, from the rich hues of sauces and spices to the bold shades of fresh ingredients. The strokes and lines created by the oil crayon add movement and depth to the composition, giving it a sense of liveliness and energy.

Ate at Italian Last Night

  • W: 57" H: 38"

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