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"Altered Sunset" is a mesmerizing piece of art that I have created using acrylic paint, metallic paper, and crayon pencil. This artwork presents a unique and captivating interpretation of a sunset, where vibrant colors and mixed media techniques transform the scene into a realm of intense beauty and imagination.


The dominant colors in "Altered Sunset" are intense and vibrant blue, orange, and red. These colors collide and harmonize, creating a dynamic visual experience that ignites the senses. The intense blue hues evoke a sense of depth and serenity, while the vibrant orange and red tones radiate warmth and energy.


Using acrylic paint, I have skillfully blended these striking colors to create a mesmerizing backdrop for the artwork. The blues transition seamlessly, evoking the vast expanse of the sky, while the oranges and reds burst forth, mimicking the brilliance of a setting sun. The interplay of these hues brings a sense of drama and intensity to the composition.

Intertwined within this vibrant canvas, metallic paper accents add a touch of magic and intrigue. The metallic paper shimmers and catches the light, enhancing the visual impact of the artwork. 

The crayon pencil, wielded with intention, introduces delicate and intricate details to the composition. It weaves lines and shapes that dance across the canvas, enhancing the texture and creating a sense of movement. 


"Altered Sunset" is a visual journey that transcends reality, inviting viewers to experience a sunset like never before. Through the intense vibrant blue, orange, and red colors, combined with the interplay of acrylic paint, metallic paper, and crayon pencil, this artwork captures the essence of a transformed sunset, where imagination and vibrant hues collide in a breathtaking display of artistic expression.

Altered Sunset

  • W: 48" H: 36"

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