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"It's Gold" AND "REMEMBERING OSTUNI PUGLIA" in Linda Hayslett's Latest Project

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In a delightful blend of creativity and design, Linda Hayslett, a seasoned designer with a rich background in fashion and entertainment, has recently unveiled her latest project – a charming condo that stands out for its unique approach to interior design.

Adding to the allure of this project is the simultaneous inclusion of two captivating pieces of art, "It's Gold" and "Remembering Ostuni Puglia," sourced from Denni Kopelan's art collection. These beautiful pieces seamlessly integrate into Linda's vision for the condo, creating a harmonious blend of artistic expression in the stylish and thoughtfully curated space.

Denni Kopelan's "It's Gold" and "Remembering Ostuni Puglia" Shine Together

What makes this project particularly special is the addition of these striking pieces of mixed media art, sourced from a collaboration with the accomplished artist Denni Kopelan. Denni expresses immense joy in contributing to Linda's vision for the condo, as both artworks take center stage in the stylish and thoughtfully curated space.

Renowned for her illustrious career and featured in House Beautiful's online magazine, Linda Hayslett has made waves in the design world with her ability to infuse warmth and character into every project. The article, titled "How Designer Linda Hayslett Squeezed Major Charm Out of This Condo," highlights the meticulous details and ingenious design choices that have transformed the space into a true masterpiece.

The simultaneous incorporation of "It's Gold" and "Remembering Ostuni Puglia" serves as captivating focal points, elevating the condo's aesthetic appeal and capturing the attention of House Beautiful's discerning audience. Linda's reputation as a Next Wave Designer and her participation in prestigious design events further underscore the significance of this dual collaboration.

As the artist behind "It's Gold" and the curator of "Remembering Ostuni Puglia," Denni is thrilled to share in the success of this project. The presence of these artworks not only enhances the overall ambiance but also contributes to the rising value of the property – a testament to the powerful synergy between art and design.

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